A cold place warmed my heart

November 2012

Iceland has always intrigued me. As a romanticized concept everyone there appreciates organization, spaces are void of clutter, design is smart, furniture is only mid-century modern, and the physical environment floats between reality and fantasy.

Falling in love with Iceland during a recent vacation there, I found most of these romantic ideals strengthened and reinforced, rather than shattered as self-constructed illusions. I was left feeling that the Icelandic aesthetic appears complex, clear, and considerate.

The architecture of the Icelandic cityscape displays a continuous sense of history. From the warmth of the old wooden planked Classical houses, to the creative displays of Functionalist embellishments, to the stark simple Modernist lines of the low roofs and large windowed buildings, a strong historical narrative was ever present. I really loved the use of corrugated metal as exterior cladding on the 20th century Swiss Chalet styled homes in Reykjavic, and felt at home surrounded by buildings of such varied character.