Who Is Fogo?

Fogo is an award-winning boutique design studio comprised of designers, Jody Burry and Margot Durling. At Fogo, there’s no receptionist. We take great care with our clients and build relationships that last.

We play and work—sometimes we can’t make that distinction. So far, with a quiver of great projects to our name, Fogo is just as we dreamed.

Fogo is big on collaboration and community. We tailor our services to fit your project’s needs, bringing a team of collaborators to the table. We have photographers, copywriters, artists, web developers, architects, and videographers that will make your ideas BOOM.

You may wonder how we offer energy and enthusiasm to every client? Coffee. Lots of coffee. And, we occasionally have mid-day dance parties to shake things up. We also have a few yes-men on staff—you know, to keep us grounded. Norton and Stewart are essential to our operation—and, they work for kibble.

People often ask us, “What does fogo mean?”. It’s Portuguese for “fire”, which represents our passion and love for good design. Fogo is also an island in Newfoundland so we’re paying tribute to our Maritime roots.

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Design urges me to listen, it pushes me to explore, and makes me eager to create.

Growing up in rural place, fine art allowed me the opportunity to escape the confines of my small world. As an adult who was learning a new discipline, design became a practice. Communicating my own ideas came easy to me, communicating other peoples ideas was a fascinating process, one that continues to bring new challenges every day.

I am often told that I am a pleasure to work with, turning difficult tedious processes into enjoyable ones. My warm and approachable personality allows for strong and lasting relationships with my clients­–which is why I am often found eating lunch at their homes long after the projects are completed (it also might explain why we receive most of our business from referrals).

How does the magic happen? My approach is always thoughtful and I am constantly learning to balance my clients voice with my own inflections. I spend a lot of time in the land of the metaphor. It is here where I find it easiest to play.

On my desk you will always see a giant pair of headphones. I am the most inspired when I am listening to great music. It helps me stay focused. I’m lucky that work and fun blend together this way. It never feels like work when the music is playing.

Design is everything, but not limited to what happens at my desk. Outside of the office, you may see me involved in a discussion about interior design, catch a glimpse of my cute gardening uniform, or be seated across from me at one of my famous dinner parties. My eagerness to be creative follows me everywhere.

Hello Jody


I’m a dreamer – a big thinker. I’m all about ideas, innovation, and imagination.

The greatest reward is making people smile. Seeing your work make a difference is priceless— whether it’s an individual, an organization, a community, or an entire demographic of people. I give my clients a lot of TLC. I learn who they are, what they dream of, and what their goals are.

Versatility is key for me. I can create a sleek corporate package for government one day and be putting googley eyes on a popcorn kernel the next. Bring it on.

I’m really into playgrounds–in a big way. My dream is to change the landscape of playgrounds in Canada. Children are remarkable. They deserve much more credit than we give them. Playgrounds an incredibly important part of our urban landscapes and there’s great potential for the creation of more imaginative, affordable, signature playgrounds that offer a more challenging and inspiring space to play; spaces that aren’t ordered from a catalogue.

On my desk, I have a weird red plastic doohickie from my dad. It says 120 volts. It reminds me to be resourceful and work hard every day.

What most don’t know about me is that I’m a designer by day and a performer by night.

An intrepid designer, a business owner, an uninhibited social activist, and a touring musician, the savvy Durling blurs the line where work meets play. ~ Progress Magazine, Anna Duckworth

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