A cold place warmed my heart (2)

January 2013

Icelanders believe that a cold climate is the perfect environment to nourish creativity. In Iceland, creatives pull inspiration from their surroundings with natural materials and sensitive approaches seemingly always at the forefront. The arts and craft scene is alive and vibrant, visible through a wide array of mediums; intricate hand knitted woolens, complex lava rock sculptures, [...]


A cold place warmed my heart

November 2012

Iceland has always intrigued me. As a romanticized concept everyone there appreciates organization, spaces are void of clutter, design is smart, furniture is only mid-century modern, and the physical environment floats between reality and fantasy. Falling in love with Iceland during a recent vacation there, I found most of these romantic ideals strengthened and reinforced, [...]


Studio 3 Design Headquarters

September 2012

Today I was leafing through our library of design history books, searching for visual inspiration for an upcoming project. I found myself in a quiet moment, reflecting on our studio space. Wow! We are so lucky. Our office is so electrifying and full of life. We are never at a loss for inspiration here at Studio [...]


Paul Rand, We Love You

We're not worthy July 2012

Paul Rand is our hero. He was a minimalist who designed with the utmost simplicity and restraint. He is our go-to whenever we need to be reminded that less is more. “Don’t try to be original; just try to be good.” Ride on, Mr. Rand.


True colours

A tribute to Stonewall July 2012

Creating the artwork for Halifax Pride in 2009 was special challenge. This year marked the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City; a touchstone in the struggle for LGBTQ rights, often referred to as the birth of the gay rights movement. We knew how important it was to pay tribute to the struggles [...]


Ruby Tuesday

Studio 3 acquires a red gem January 2012

In June 2010, Fogo Creative began sharing a space with an extraordinary web design company called Simple Square. Together, we built our creative home at a gorgeous loft studio in Creative Crossing. Our studio is big and open. It gives our imaginations room to dance. But… we needed a sofa. Real bad. We wanted something unique that [...]


Wait ‘til you see my shadow

Fogo gets inspired October 2011

Once upon a time a young artist requested a full day of job-shadowing with Fogo. Kassandra was mad passionate about art and design and was super curious to take a peek inside a real-life design studio. Finally the happy day arrived. The morning was spent exploring design principles (ie. symmetry, contrast, balance) through simple exercises. [...]


John Furness

Our little Junebug September 2011

John is the yin to our yang. It takes a very special person to share a studio space with Fogo. We came with a disclaimer. We dance sometimes. We laugh often. We have two dogs. And we sometimes (often) forget we’re grown adults. John, thank you for your patience, for teaching us about boring things [...]


Coming out

A queer perspective September 2011

Our very own Jody Burry made it into Halifax’s Weekly, The Coast, for their Back to School issue. We couldn’t be prouder. Read the full article here.