Wait ‘til you see my shadow

Fogo gets inspired October 2011

Once upon a time a young artist requested a full day of job-shadowing with Fogo. Kassandra was mad passionate about art and design and was super curious to take a peek inside a real-life design studio.

Finally the happy day arrived. The morning was spent exploring design principles (ie. symmetry, contrast, balance) through simple exercises. We shared great conversation over lunch, looked at her amazing portfolio, and ended the day with a magical poster design project. Eventually, we ended the day and we said our goodbyes.

“How did it go…Did you teach her anything?” my office mate John asked.

“Of course,” we replied and then paused. “At the end of day, we think we learned more form her. Kassandra is incredibly talented.”

Thank you Kassandra for allowing us to be your mentor for the day. You have a bright future ahead of you, full of crazy colour ahead of you in the arts.