Cafe Neon + Bar Neon

Cocktails, tapas and typeface

Cafe Neon and Bar Neon are two dynamic sister companies based out of Toronto, Ontario. They have separate locations and offerings, but share the same clientele - people who enjoy quality and comfort in an urban setting. The word cafeneion is derived from a Greek word that means "meeting place".

To connect the brands, we chose typefaces from the same letterpress collection of 19th century wood types, bringing an authentic quality. Each logo references unique kitchen items found within their establishments - the bar logo includes a long swizzle spoon (associated with high-end cocktails) and the cafe's logo includes an oval plate (which has been used for decades in their family of restaurateurs).

Fogo Creative took my two independent businesses and made them cohesive in such a way that connects the feeling of the two, while remaining independent in their own right. Each logo exudes a feeling that 100% depicts each business. I couldn't be happier. ~ Niki Tsourounakis

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