Indochine Banh Mi

The perfect layers for the perfect sandwich shop

Indochine Banh Mi has a knack for fusing generations, cultures and cuisines together into the perfect culinary experience.

The challenge with Indochine Banh Mi was in developing an identity that superseded the expected clichés of Asia without losing its roots. With the banh mi (Vietnamese for sandwich) as the jump off point for exploration, we developed a well-balanced identity that is: contemporary and historical, structured and organic, ethnic and local. This brand is quite dynamic and is a definite stand-out on the South Park streetscape.

From developing the logo to the website to print materials and signage, Fogo has created a polished brand for my business - so much so that customers often ask if the business is a franchise. ~ Liz Smith

Logo of the Day: February 16, 2010

Branding, Identity

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