NSCAD University

Commemorating history and current success

Artist Concept by Douglas Bamford

Form Development, Rendering, and File Production by Brian Jeffcock at Breakhouse

NSCAD fosters creative and critical thinkers. It is a cultural pillar of Canada's East Coast. This year, NSCAD University, celebrates 125 years of rich history in fine and media arts, craft, design and historical and critical studies.

It was an honour to collaborate with NSCAD Faculty, Douglas Bamford. Fogo was commissioned to design a typographic surface pattern for this commemorative "Printed Platter".

Fogo Creative is a direct product of NSCAD, with both co-owners holding an Honours Degree in Communication Design.

Many times Margot has demonstrated to me that she is a very insightful and innovative young designer who has a lot to offer Canadian design in whatever area she brings her abilities to. I am always impressed with her insights and focus. ~ Douglas Bamford


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