City of Regina

Canada embraces diversity with stories etched in steel

Artist Concept by Douglas Bamford

Fabrication by Precision Hydrojet Ltd

This project allows Regina citizens to keep history alive by recognizing the contributions that immigrants and their families have made, and continue to make, to our city.
~ City of Regina

"Regina Lace" was commissioned by the City of Regina to celebrate the immigrants that came from around the world to make up the city’s vibrant fabric. Standing 20 feet tall in Regina City Hall, the sculpture contains stories, poems, patterns, artifacts, and symbols cut permanently into the steel. The diverse pattern represents the urban fabric of Regina.

Working with artist Douglas Bamford, Fogo designed the artwork, typography, and patterns which were then prepared as CAD files and cut into corten steel.


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Fabrication by Velocity Welding & Machining3-Regina-Sculpture
CAD Renderings6-Regina-Sculpture